Ramsgate Courtyard,

Block Maintenance

Ramsgate Courtyard, (Priory Courtyard, Old Ramsgate Hospital site)


CG Nation Ltd, were approached by a resident/committee member that occupy/ manage this site. An Edwardian listed ex general hospital now converted into 20 residential units in 2005. The casements and doors are a mix of original 1905 sashes and modern joinery. painted to a set specification, colours finish and product BS requirements.

They had received estimate from the property management company’s approved contractor;a London based firm, for 160K to survey the property from chimney pot to ground level and redecorate the main building in one go. Whole project scaffolded.

We were invited to tender as the owners felt this was expensive. We priced the job at 60k. We also offered a phased approach for the residents spreading the cost for them. They had no financial provision for the required work accrued and was an unexpected expense for everyone except the management company, Stonedale. So phased payments certainly suited them plus a local proactive contractor preferred.

First phase was in the autumn 2011. We carried out a building survey of the openings, numbering 260 in total. Made good and protected exposed woodwork etc. From this in partnership with the committee chairman and Stonedale’s site representative devised a planned approach to future works. Prioritised by visibility and need. In other works traffic areas and kerb appeal coupled with areas that were most requiring attention first. We have just completed our third year there and the relationship is proving very good for all concerned. particularly the residents.

Accessing the work from ladders and portable towers where possible. Scaffold used on the above soffit areas (third floor work, dormer windows etc).

In particular for them less disruption, accountable local well disciplined work force, traffic areas always get damaged so these are attended to when we are on site annually saves the place looking unkempt etc. important in prestige developments.

Also other work such as clearing drains, clearing up after diesel spills, repointing paving, installing bollards, flat roof repairs all come my way i picked up and decorated 200m of railings last year. Repaired brick columns after a car knocked it down on westcliff road. Also insurance internal work following flooding etc. I also provide a 24/7 emergency contractor attendance contact number for other such like problems.

So great relationship for everyone from this development.