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Repaired access

Today, John from Plumstead appeared early afternoon and fixed little nellie. So that means having lost three days activity we are back on the high work. New battery and some defective leads so we are hopeful she’s back and functional again. In the interim we’ve not been idle. taking the opportunity to complete most of the outstanding balconies and common …

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Access denied!!

Disaster of the small variety struck yesterday. Little Nellie developed a defect. Runs but does not obey commands from her cage or from the ground. Had to rescue Coddy twice yesterday. Hand crank the old boy down. Good job we had the safety precaution all rehearsed so I knew what to do. Anyway I needed a work out but two!!! …

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Easter is here!!

Well a holiday. Needed to be honest we’ve made good progress at Gateway and it’s been because we’ve been focused on the project. Quite consuming all round. now we have a system of work established we can methodically tackle each area then move Nellie onto the next area. ¬†Helped this process by the actual layout of the building. Being sub …

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Site visit update

n Friday saw the visit of the appointed project manager Mr Dave Strevens of Thanet Block Management. we’d already met on Thursday to decide on the mix for the repointing mortar. The original mortar is light in colour and to achieve the required match we have gone for 3 sand to half portland half white cement. Which dried very close …

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Onto the fairway!!

Golf theme there!! Well it is Masters weekend. Of course no time for the clubs at present but today we moved off the concrete car park/ paved areas and onto the grass lawns around the south block. Very tight down the D’este road side but the spider jacks found their pads and up and away. Becoming more adept with Nellie. …

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Wind abates and the suns out!!

Good progress today within the South block’s courtyard. Coddy is now very adept with Nellie and is developing nuances with the machine to save time. Main one is its quicker to reposition rather than adjust at the cage end. Also feels steadier when used this way. This morning I was involved with paperwork and basically catching up with correspondence etc. …

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Gateway Access 8th April 007

Tuesday 9th difficult access overcome

  A real tight fit today! Was windy on the sea side so erred on safety and worked within the confines of the South block courtyard in the lee of the building. Great access afforded. But only just! Well by 30cm overall between the spider jacks as the picture shows. But we were able to reach the upper concrete bands …

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First progress report for Gateway Court

On site now for three days. Office and all hire equipment now on site. Yesterday Wednesday the CS170 appeared from Wakefield. Driven down that day Danny the driver appeared at 3pm but had the energy and professionalism to take us through the machine. A great help to have a willing intelligent handover. This went well and the equipment when stored …

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